What's Club T-CAT?

We are a local and international community based in Tokyo, in which we enjoy traveling and communcating with friends from various backgrounds!

Our community was founded in 2021 during the pandemic based on this concept phrase: Touch and get Close, All Together, which makes our club name "T-CAT." Ranging from teenagers to the ones in their 80s, we hang out and enjoy friendship regardless of all the differences we have.

Founded privately by the organizer, Daivd, and his wife, Minnie, Club T-CAT is an independent and open-minded community free from any establishments, and we are politically and religiously open and non-sided. The only rule of thumb we have is, "do good for each other based on a friendship!"

We enjoy various activities including a sightseeing bus tour, eating and drinking, BBQ, outdoor activities, going to a hotspring bath, and many more!

We own a bus named "Kamome(Seagull) Bus," which accomodates 27 people. It is beneficial for the community members including international members traveling to Japan, because we can make your transportation costs a lot lower than normal transportation services by using this privately owned bus!

FYI, summer in Japan is deadly hot, especially in city areas. If you visit Japan in summer, we can take you to great locations where you can enjoy fun activities and get refreshed in beautiful nature!

Grill some meat, veges, seafood and drink beer down into your hollow legs? That's what we all love to do! We can plan and organize a homey BBQ for you with some local members! Come empty handed!

If you're around in winter, you may want to join us to go snowboarding and skiing in the beautiful nature covered in powder snow! We have boards, boots, wears and other gears for rent, so don't worry even if you were not well-equipped!

We also enjoy going to a hotspring bath to get warmed up! The key to health (both phisically and mindwise) and longevity is this super Japanese experience to get naked and embraced by the natural hot waters that come from the depth of the earth!

Tons of places uncultivated, millions of views unseen, or wherever makes you feel to be in Japan, we will make it possible for you!

No matter what part of the world you are from, we are here to make your stay in Japan an unforgettable thing!