We have two TCAT guest houses available! Home-stay options are also possible!


Located in Ome area, the eastmost countryside in Tokyo, Yamaneko House is a great option for you to stay your holiday relaxedly especially if you like to enjoy hiking in the mountains near Tokyo. The town of Ome has a great and nostalgic ambience of 1970's to 1980's, and it's where Lake Okutama, original water supply of Tokyo, rests. From the lake, a stream named Tama River runs through the west of Kanto plain all the way to Tokyo Bay.


Yamaneko House is located by the upper stream of the river, and you can enjoy riverside BBQ one minute on foot from the house. It has four guest rooms, one lounge, one kitchen, two restrooms and one shower room.


Umineko House is located at an ocean-front site in Kurobe-city, Toyama Prefecture. You can see Noto Peninsula over the sea to the west and to the south magnificent views of Tateyama Mountains.


Since the crystal clear water from 3,000m mountains would run down to the bottom of the sea as deep as -1,000m, Toyama Bay is known as the best natural water reservoir in Japan in which more than 500 speices of fish, including dolphins, dwell. If you love to taste the best seafood dishes, here is on your must-visit list!


Enjoy kayaking or puddle surfing ten seconds from the guest house, and sunset beer is also superb! The luxe of holiday can be found here.



The guesthouse has four bedrooms, aside from shared kitchen, living room and bathroom.

From Tokyo to our Guest House, book our bus for a group tour!

Seagull Bus


Club T-CAT owns a bus for 27 passangers. If the schedule permits, you can book our bus for your trip!