Online Community

You can make friends online and enjoy life-sharing, chat both in Japanese and English, and plan your visit to Japan not only for sightseeing but also to meet up your friends in Japan!


We have language exchange session every day on zoom!

You can get to know a lot about Japan and its people through having friends connected on zoom! They would love to know about you, your language and culture, and your everyday life, so it would be a mutual learning opportunity for everyone!

Benefits of becoming a T-CAT online member?

As a community member, you can develop a great international friendship here!


Having good friends is a great thing, and it's even more exciting to have international friends from different cultural backgrounds! As you openmindedly share your daily activities and thoughts, you'll get to know the differences are much smaller than you thought!

They will suppport you on your trip to Japan!


If you have nobody you can count on in Japan on your visit, even a tiny issue can be a big hassle. However, if you have local friends who will show you around and help you with a language barrier, your stay would be much easier and enjoyable!

They will enrich your experience in Japan!


It's extremely invaluable to have good friends to go out together with and do fun activities at a foreign place! And if you have a connection this community gives, you can always feel secure and at home!

We can provide you with a customized trip plan in Japan with a bunch of activities only locals can make!


By taking part in our community, you can make most of the benefit we can offer. Aside from planning meet up events, we can make a plan to go on a bus trip, enjoy camping, stay in our resort house, and let you experience a lot of things unuique to Japan based on your wishes!

Membership fee

Join our online community for free!

Steps to participate the online meetings

1. Contact us via membership application form

2. Create your LINE account

3. We will invite you to our LINE communication groups

4. The schedules and the link to our video meetings will be shared every day in our LINE group, so the rest is to join the meetings and enjoy chatting!