Outdoor activities

You surely want to try something new or feel different when you're on vacation, right? We have a good list of activities you can enjoy at various great locations in Japan!


Enjoy camping and barbecue? Want to add kayaking or puddling on a surfboard to them? Do you prefer staying at a beach or a lakeside? Do you want to spend a whole day or longer in nature, or do you prefer stopping in at a nice restaurant?


It's your trip, and we're here to realize your dream plan!

BBQ & Outdoor Foods

Anywhere you go, babecue is the best thing you can do to make your day a happy one!

Beef Steak! Why not?

Beef, Chicken and Veges!

Grilled Sausages and Veges!

Grilled Fish!

Turban Shells and Clams!

Grilled Banger Sandwich!

Kimchee Hot Pot! Perfect pairing for beer!

Superb Ducky Hot Pot! Enjoy warmed sake with this!

Savory Anglerfish Hot Pot! Makes your skin smooth!

Chef's curry with lots of spices will warm up your body!


A campsite that views Mt. Fuji! is bookable!

Uncivilized oocean-front rocks for wild campers!

Kayaking and Puddle Surfing

We have puddle surfing boards and kayaks for you to enjoy!

Skiing and Snowboarding

We have various options for beginners, intermediates and the advanced!

Japan has hundreds of great slopes you'll love!

Walking & Hiking

Town walks are a lot of fun as you can stop in at nice shops or dining places as well as historical spots, temples and shrines. We have various hiking courses in Tokyo to recommend according to what you'd like to see and experience!

Love to get a fresh air in the nature? We can take you to a half-day or one-day hiking in some mountainous areas, often comboined with other sightseeing programs!