Private Bus Tour

We plan a private bus tour for our members including international members who will come to Japan. Participants are required to subscribe to our free membership before joining our tour. We have a abundant list of places you can enjoy in Japan, so feel free to ask us about anything! We will guide you to Japanese sightseeing spots, and your personal requests are also welcome!

From Tokyo

1-day Round Trip Options

Traveling anti-clockwise around Mt. Fuji, first visiting a huge mount temple named Kuon-ji, where you can view the top of Mt. Fuji, then a great fall named White Threads Falls, and make a toast at a pub run by a local craftbeer brewing company!

Feel Japan in the northern area two hours away from Tokyo, which is famous for a great fall counted as one of the most beautiful falls in Japan and a special brand chicken named "Shamo!" In winter, the entire fall gets frozen, which is apparently a photogenic view, and you'll be enjoying special dinner course full of Shamo dishes in the evening!

From Tokyo

Longer Trip Options