Tips to Enjoy Japan

Make local friends on T-CAT before you come visit Japan!

Date published : 23 March 2022

Date updated : 23 March 2022



    If you have no friends from Japan and also have never visited Japan, the chances are that you have no idea what kind of people they are, and you may not confident about making conversation with them. However, it might also be true that you are interested in communicating with local Japanese, learn more about Japanese culture, and you may as well wish to create connections to make your stay in Japan more easy, fun, and enjoyable! 


    As you may know, Japanese people are not so talkative with strangers, and many of them are not so confident in communicating in English. Tourists have told me that they had no opportunities to speak to Japanese like friends during their weeks-long stays. It might make you feel like you're in Japan to go and visit museums or other locations, eat and drink good stuff, and shoot photos of beautiful scenery to share your friends on SNS. However, if you want to make your experience somewhat a special thing, the best thing a traveler in a foreign place can do is to have conversation with local people alive, and feel the warmth of their heart. You surely don't want to miss it!


    We are a community of local Japanese who live around Tokyo, and we love meeting up people from different backgrounds. Since we are locals rooted in here, we are apparently knowledgeable about great locations to see, best local restaurants to go, how to use complicated transportation lines, and many more stuff also helpful for you!


    Not only sharing the local info with you, we can also plan some meet-up events we all can enjoy! Having two guest houses and experienced in making custom tours by bus, we can offer you the most reasonable and friendly experience during your stay in Japan. If you'd like, we can organize optional fun activities such as kayaking, puddle surfing, hiking, camping, snowboarding, etc.!


    Even if you have no plans to travel Japan yet, joining our community might be fun and inspiring for those who like to learn easy Japanese, because making friends is the best way to do it! Last but not least, your membership subscription is free of charge;)