Tips to Enjoy Japan

In Japan, is it really safe for a woman to go out at night?

Date published : 23 March 2022

Date updated : 23 March 2022


    What’s most striking about Japan is that, almost anywhere in Japan, even a cute young lady can walk alone without feeling dangerous. Of course, it really depends on where you are and the situation you're in, but in general, Japan is an amazingly safe place compared with many other parts of the world. And here are some of the reasons.



1. Majority of people are harmless

    It is the best part of their national character that they are basically peace-loving and less agressive. They are evasive about fighting or even getting involved in an argument, so they tend to go along with others not to cause a trouble, not to mention commiting a crime. This creates a sense of oneness in community and a belief in others that they would also stay harmless.


2. 24-hour services are widespread

    Almost anywhere you go, you'll be able to find a convenience store that runs 24-7, and there also exists karaoke shops or Internet & comic cafes or laundry shops or some restaurants open 24 hours especially in city areas. It alraedy shows how off gurad Japanese people are even at night, and those services contribute to elevate the public safety levels by setting surveillance cameras and lighting the streets.


3. No gun shootings

    Not like some parts of the world that allow its people to own guns, Japanese society doesn't allow people to possess them. So, even in case of troubles, people do not shoot, and this gives them a sense of increased security.


    However, as the aging of society advances (one third of the population is now above 65), traffic accidents caused by not raged but aged drivers are increasing. You don't need to worry about gun shootings, but keep your eye on approaching cars because you don'yt know who's driving!


4. Violence is far more rare



    Most of Japanese guys are basically not so aggressive or dangerous, and they hate to stand out by showing their power and strength. However, people with bad intentions do exist anywhere in the world, so you'd better not keep yourself totally off guard.



    Anywhere you go in Japan, you can find a peaceful and homey atmosphere, and get relaxed from the bottom of your heart. Usually, people are evasive about talking to strangers, but when they do, it is basically out of innocent curiosity or just a time-killing. Even those who are not very good and polite are also not much eager and adventerous to do bad things at least.


    Having said that, when you go out at night to a place where nobody is likely to be around, it is always safer for a young lady to be in a group. And if you happen to be in a situation where you and a stranger are alone, make a phonecall to remind him of a third party, or let him know that you are traveling with other people and going to see them soon.


    Japan is inarguably one the safest places on this planet. However, while enjoying the extended freedom it gives, also make sure to do your best to keep yourself safe and sound to make your experience here even more comfortable and enjoyable!